Great training! Thoroughly enjoyed it.
— Executive Headteacher, Salford, following whole-school training on High Quality Talk
Thanks for your help over the course of this term. I feel like it has had a huge impact in the teaching and learning in my classroom. Last week, a child made a statement which was took us in a slightly different direction - we ended up using talking strategies for the whole lesson. I used the talk toolkit to deepen the conversation further. In the following session the children wrote an information text to record the discussion. The writing was of a much better quality than it normally would be. The children felt more confident in the subject matter and a lot of my reluctant writers were enthused to write. The writing session began at 2pm on a Friday afternoon... I couldn’t believe the quality of the session and the focus from the children.
— Year 4 teacher, following her second coaching session
Topsy Page’s training is excellent, it is based on research and fits in perfectly with the reality of teaching in a turbulent climate. Staff have been inspired and refreshed by her honest and knowledgeable approach.
— Headteacher, Manchester
Very effective - high expectations, thoughtful interventions, considered questioning,
great level of challenge, valued all opinions.
— EYFS Leader, Manchester
Made me think, question and improve the way I teach.
— Year 5 Teacher, Manchester
An outstanding senior leader... well-respected... commitment, passion and drive... thrives on reflective dialogue... consistently high expectations... challenging and supportive.
— Deputy Head, Manchester
Given me more confidence to try different ways of teaching.
— Year 3 Teacher, Manchester
My pupils are becoming more independent and persistent.
— Year 4 Teacher, Manchester
“Topsy was an excellent member of the Review Team... Clear and accurate... Professional... Contributions were knowledgeable and incisive.”
— Lead Reviewer, Challenge Partners
She was so focussed. She didn’t ask for support. She didn’t give up. She was proud: “I’ve done it!” I’ve never seen her like that. Never.
— Teacher describing a pupil at a Forest School session
Thanks for another great outdoor session Topsy. We had such a fun time on a rather miserable January day... a great way to instil enthusiasm into my children.
— Teacher feedback following 'Using the Outdoors to Inspire Writing' workshop