Children want to change partners!

Most children see pair talk as very helpful for their learning but they rarely change partner. Here are some more quotes about the idea of changing talk partners more often:

  • Good because sometimes you don’t like your talk partner. You might have someone naughty. (Y2 pupil)

  • I like that idea because my partner just corrects me all the time and it sometimes makes my confidence go low. (Y3 pupil)

  • It’s good. If you change then you can talk to others – you can get different answers and experiences. (Y4 pupil)

  • Yes, because it can change your perspective about things.  You might change your mind.  If you’re with the same person it will be the same idea. (Y5 pupil)

  • Yes, because we’d get to know our classmates and what they’re thinking. (Y6 pupil)