Odd One Out

Three assorted objects on a table (sticky notes, maracas, cuddly toy)

Odd One Out is often used to get children looking at similarities and differences, and to practice giving reasons. It’s also a great warm-up game for P4C.

There are many possible answers, which encourages creativity and motivates children to join in.

One way I like running this game is to randomly select three children to each choose an object from around the classroom and place it in the circle. We then all consider which is the odd one out. To extend the game you can also randomly select a further child to swap one of the objects for a new one.

I think the maraca is the odd one out because it can make a noise and the others are silent.

I think the cuddly toy is the odd one out because it is soft and the other two are hard.

I disagree because the sticky notes are also a bit soft.