Support for Schools

talk audits

A full-day audit of the quality of staff and pupil talk (oracy) in your school. Analysis and tailored recommendations in a detailed report.

training / workshops to develop high quality talk

INSETs & staff meetings on topics including

  • Reducing teacher talk

  • Building pupil vocabulary

  • Pair talk

  • Alternatives to hands up

All training is evidence-based and practical.

whole school talk initiatives

Working with your team to embed lasting change. In addition to training, I provide in-class coaching, modelling and mentoring. I can help you develop a whole school pupil talk agreement, a whole school teacher talk pledge, and whole school pupil talk prompts.

philosophy for children

Training, advice and support including

P4C has been proven to raise attainment for all and narrow the gap.


Thinking Moves A-Z one day accredited training

The Thinking Moves A – Z is a practical vocabulary for thinking about thinking. By naming 26 ways of thinking in a simple alphabetical structure - from looking Ahead to Zooming in or out - it provides a new language for teachers and pupils to reflect on their own cognitive processes.

This language can be used across the curriculum to enhance thinking and deepen learning.

raising standards in writing

Training sessions and bespoke packages on

teacher development

Training sessions and ongoing support packages to develop teachers from NQTs upwards into more confident, higher impact practitioners. Ensuring effective dialogue, questioning, AFL and feedback.