P4C can motivate children to write

I’ve been working with a group of Manchester teachers to discover how to optimise P4C in the teaching and learning of English.  It’s been lovely to hear from pupils and teachers about some really positive experiences.  A few examples:

It makes me want to write so people’s lifestyles change.  It makes me want to write posters, and letters to the council.
— Year 3 pupil, following P4C enquiry about plastic pollution
P4C pervaded English.  I was really impressed with the amount they wrote.  They were all able to write well because of the verbalisation.
Another great impact has been that children feel like experts because they’ve been so immersed in the dialogue.  It’s been joyous to see some of the quieter children shining with confidence in English because of the P4C.
— Year 3 teacher
They were excited about going deep.  They genuinely enjoy probing for the deeper ideas.  They are using more language of reasoning; the dialogue was incredible.
— Year 4 teacher