Talk for learning

After a term of working with me on Productive Talk, I asked teachers what the impact has been on their classes. Here are some of their responses:

  • More children are able to respond to teacher questioning.

  • Children’s talk is clearer.

  • Children are more enthusiastic about pair talk.

  • Better listening.

  • Better reasoning.

  • Less repetition.

  • Children are more engaged, alert and attentive.

  • Talk is more focussed and of higher quality.

  • Children are talking to and challenging each other – not always through the teacher.

  • Children are more confident to talk.

  • Less shouting out.

  • Children who don’t normally talk are starting to.

  • Much better, more in depth answers.

  • Not always the same children dominating.

  • Children getting better at working with all their peers.

  • Vocab improving.