Thinking Moves A-Z

Front cover of Thinking Moves A-Z

I am delighted to now be an accredited trainer for the recently published Thinking Moves A-Z: Metacognition Made Simple.

Created by Roger Sutcliffe, with Tom Bigglestone and Jason Buckley, the A-Z provides a practical vocabulary for thinking about thinking. By naming 26 ways of thinking in a simple alphabetical structure - from looking Ahead to Zooming in or out - they have created a new language for teachers and students to reflect on their own cognitive processes.

This language can be used across the curriculum to enhance thinking and deepen learning.

If you’re interested in a Thinking Moves A-Z one day training course for your school, contact me.

Today’s educators know the importance of metacognition, thinking skills and academic vocabulary. In order for learning to be meaningful, pupils need to acquire and utilise a thinking vocabulary with which to synthesise their knowledge, values and skills. Incorporating the work of Claxton, Costa and Richhart, in Thinking Moves A-Z, Sutcliffe and his team have provided us with an essential tool for this... any teacher who wishes their students to have meaningful learning experiences can provide them with the help of this excellent toolkit for providing thinking vocabulary and metacognition.
— Tracy Smith, Headteacher, New Marston School (as quoted on page 2 of the Thinking Moves A-Z)